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Savings Account
Your Initial savings may be started with as little as $25.00 This allows you a lifetime membership.

We offer Christmas Club accounts. You may deposit as much or as little as you like.  No withdrawals may be made until the end of October when the funds will be transferred to your checking or savings account.  

Share Draft Accounts 

This account features no minimum balance, no per-check charges and carbon-less copies for each check you write.  

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Have your entire payroll, Social Security, or Pension check directly deposited with direct deposit.

Or have just a portion of your check deposited with payroll deduction.

Our VISA rate can´t be beat!  With NO Annual fee! We offer an 10.90% / 14.90% apr fix-rate interest on our VISA Classic.  Call EWCU for more details

Debit Cards



Apply today for your Debit Card at EWCU.
For members´ convenience EWCU issues ATM cards that are accepted at most ATMs nationwide.  

Your Credit Union ATM card enables you to make withdrawals, deposits, loan payments, transfers and balance inquiries.

Fee: $1.00 per withdrawal-$1.00 per balance inquiry- Deposits are free.

Service Centers

EWCU is part of the Credit Union Family Service Centers
See below for service center hours that members can conduct their credit union business.

Monday - Friday    9AM - 7PM
Saturday               9AM - 2PM
Sunday                ATM´s Only

Credit Union Family Service Center locations are available across the United States. 
To find a location near you go to --- co-opcreditunions.org or Text 91989

**Note:  ALL locations have conveniently located 24-Hour ATMs**  
Fee for Service Center Use, per transaction:  $1.00

Money Orders

We sell Money Gram Money Orders in any denomination up to $1000.00  
Fee: $1.50 each.

Fast, Friendly Service
Electrical Workers Credit Union is here to service all of your needs with Fast, Friendly Service!

Fax Machine

Facsimile machine services are available to our Members at a nominal fee.

Electrical Workers Local CU
1366 Porter
Detroit, Michigan 48226
Fax: 313.962.6973